Improper Radon Mitigation System Installation Means You’re Throwing Your Money Out The Window

Thanks for stopping by Wisconsin Radon Services. As the cold Wisconsin winter approaches it’s important to have your home tested for radon because soon your windows will be closed for many months on end. If you already have a radon mitigation system make sure you’re having it regularly checked to assure it’s working correctly and the system was actually installed properly. Unfortunately many radon mitigation contractors in Madison and in Southern Wisconsin as a whole cut corners leaving home owners with list of problems and additional cost. Here are some important facts you should take in to consideration before settling with just any Radon Mitigation Contractor

Certification = Training

While Wisconsin does not yet require Radon Contractors to be Certified they do recognize Certified Contractors. (WRS is certified through the Non Profit American Association of Radon Scientists – National Proficiency Program.)

Certification = Continuing Education Requirements

Category 1 and 2 Continuing Education 24 hours every 2 years to include Approved Education Programs, Radon Conference attendance and Public Outreach Efforts.

Uncertified/ Poorly Trained Contractors DON’T KNOW CODE

Don’t be fooled by a low ball price from a Radon Contractor that’s not properly trained. WRS follows the Environmental Protection Agency’s Radon Mitigation Standards and the American Society for Training and Materials Standards Practice for Radon Mitigation E2121-03 .7. Whether or not your Radon Contractor is Certified he MUST FOLLOW THE CODE. We get many service calls on new homeowners needing their systems fixed and suddenly cannot reach the contractor who recently installed their system.

Make sure your Radon Contractor know what’s being put in your house
Each installer in your house should have his own separate certification number and maintain his own continuing education.  They should also know the product they are installing to include:

  1. Fan Size in CFM (Cubic feet per minute) Approximate cost per month.
  2. Warranty for materials and manufacturer.
  3. Make sure they have a contract. This protects you as the homeowner.
  4. Ask them if the Estimate includes Electrical.  Should be an easy answer. If you need to call an electrician it could cost a few hundred dollars extra…or more.
  5. Many installers will take the quickest and easiest way to install. They should be trying to find a combination the best place for mitigation and something that good fit cosmetically (to avoid pipe in the front or side of your house if possible).
  6. Fans should NEVER be vented at ground level. Placed in conditioned areas (i.e. basements) or within 10’ of an opening if not at least 2’ above it. (They are blowing concentrated RADON GAS from below your slab into your house). The Surgeon General has proclaimed it to be the LEADING CAUSE OF CANCER IN NON SMOKERS.
  7. The Radon Contractor should not mind answering questions about Radon Gas, their training, the Radon System installation techniques or the materials.

On a weekly basis our team of experts here at Wisconsin Radon Services runs across a bad mitigation system installation requiring us to completely repair and sometimes relocate the past contractors work. Radon gas is a serious issue and for that reason there are specific code and compliance requirements we all must follow to assure your safety. When these important details are missed or ignored home owners then get stuck paying for all the corrections ultimately spending a lot more money overall.

Here are some recent images of bad radon mitigation system installations in Madison & Sun Prairie. Get the job done right with Wisconsin Radon Services.

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