We receive many calls from clients who want passive or active radon systems installed without having first performed a radon test. 

The EPA recommends an initial short-term test (typically 2-4 days) to determine your pre-mitigation radon levels.  If the test results show Radon levels between (4.0) pCi/L and (8.0) pCi/L the EPA recommends a follow up long term test (91+ days).  If your Radon levels are above (8.0) pCi/L the EPA recommends a follow up short term test instead.

Short term real estate transactions may require simultaneous testing.  This allows the initial test to be confirmed without waiting an additional 2-4 days.

You can always perform an electronic continuous monitor test in place of the laboratory tests.  These machines check the air multiple times each hour and record one hourly air sample.  At the end of the test period, you receive the test results…. along with a summary of explanation discussing appropriate future action. Be careful.  Wisconsin does not require radon contractors to be certified.  Ask to see certifications, insurance, and proof of calibration for machines.  They should be sent to a laboratory yearly where the machines are calibrated, to ensure accurate results.

Getting test results will help a properly trained and experienced radon contractor to determine appropriate pipe and fan size for your home.  We fix radon mitigation systems often which were installed with too small of pvc, incorrect system placement and wrong fan size or type of fan.  A simple test beforehand could have avoided a lot of follow up work.

Radon tests are required every two years once a radon mitigation system is in place.  If a radon system was not installed because it was below the EPA (4.0) pCi/L threshold level another radon test should be performed in five years.

We provide both certified electronic continuous monitor and laboratory tests.

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