Wisconsin Radon Services Presents: This Month’s Wall of Shame Winner!

Radon System Installation Fail

WISCONSIN RADON SERVICES PRESENTS: THIS MONTHS WALL OF SHAME WINNER! This Radon system was installed in 2019 by a LICENSED Radon contractor. They are still in business. In fact there are numerous install pictures on the Wisconsin Radon Services Wall of Shame from this same company.

Striving to Reduce Radon-Induced Lung Cancer in Wisconsin

reduce radon induced cancer in wisconsin

January is National Radon Action Month. Radon is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless radioactive gas that is produced in soil and rocks from the degradation of radium, thorium, and uranium. It poses no threat outdoors because the air dilutes radon concentrations. However, in closed areas such as houses or schools, high levels of radon can […]

WRS Wall of Shame Winner

WISCONSIN RADON SERVICES PRESENTS: THIS MONTHS WALL OF SHAME WINNER! This is one of of the Radon Systems I have fixed recently.  The homeowner hired a radon contractor who is STILL IN BUSINESS.  He cuts corners by doing his own electrical, he has no electrical license AND claims to be a Certified Radon Contractor. He […]

How do you know if your Radon Mitigation System is working


If you’re not 100% sure your current Radon Reduction System is working, don’t wait to have your home tested. Wisconsin Radon Services offer several types of Radon Test Monitors to provide you with reliable results in a timely manner.  We also offer Long Term Testing to encompass the change of seasons/ weather patterns and other Environmental […]

Crawl Space Radon Mitigation System Installation – Video #2

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Crawlspace Mitigation Systems Phase two of the crawlspace Mitigation Systems involves making sure the plastic is covering the crawlspace fill material (dirt, sand, gravel etc). Close attention should be paid to any columns, pillars, sewer pipes, water lines etc to ensure the gas wont find an easy escape route from under the plastic into the open […]

Crawl Space Radon Mitigation System Installation – Video #1

radon mitigation in madison wi

Crawlspace Mitigation System – Get rid of the Radon in your crawlspaces Prepping this Madison Home’s Crawlspace – Video Tutorial Crawl Spaces can be a major entry point for radon gas and a breeding ground for a host of other indoor air quality problems. So sealing these areas is always advisable with either cement or […]