Do you live in the Madison or Southern Wisconsin area and are thinking about installing an radon mitigation system? Well you’ve come to the right place, welcome to Wisconsin Radon Services LLC.

Over the years we’ve received a variety of questions from many homeowners contemplating installing their home’s mitigation system on their own. In addition, we’ve also seen many completed radon reduction systems that were put in by non certified radon companies. Whether the system was a DIY project or put in by a fly by night contractor, the common end result is a faulty radon mitigation system that’s not keeping your family safe.

If you haven’t yet, please check out the Wisconsin Radon Services Wall of Shame here and get a first hand look at some these scary systems we run in to.

Here are the top 5 mistakes made by Do it Yourselfers & Non Certified Radon Companies:

  1.  Improperly Vented Radon Exhaust: The Cancer Causing Gas is being sucked from below your home into the Exhaust Vent.  This is much more concentrated as it is being contained in the Radon System and blown out through the pipe. If the proper clearances are not maintained you could be causing more harm to you and your family.
  2.  Improper Sealing Of the Foundation- This could lead to a Back Draft allowing deadly carbon monoxide into breathable areas in your home from the furnace and/or water heater.
  3.  Improper System Size for Home- The pipe and exhaust fans should work together.  Improperly sized fans or pipe can actually create airflow problems and hinder performance.
  4.  Electrical Code Violations- Many Radon systems contain outdoor electrical connections that are not installed to code.  Outdoor connections that are not waterproof cause serious safety issues.
  5. Lack Of Training is Expensive- Many home sellers just want the cheapest easiest system to save money.  Improperly installed systems often get missed on the inspection process since they often occur after the home inspection.  Problems can arise a few months after the buyer moves in (roof leaks, defective fan or other system fails) which leave the new home owner forced to spend money fixing the radon system.

Overall a lot can go wrong when installing a Radon Mitigation System so please make sure you contact a certified professional first. Wisconsin Radon Services LLC offers Radon TestingRadon Mitigation System Installation, and Radon Mitigation System Service & Repair.

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