Crawlspace Mitigation Systems

Phase two of the crawlspace Mitigation Systems involves making sure the plastic is covering the crawlspace fill material (dirt, sand, gravel etc). Close attention should be paid to any columns, pillars, sewer pipes, water lines etc to ensure the gas wont find an easy escape route from under the plastic into the open air of the crawlspace (then into breathable areas).

Care must also be taken that any seams within the crawlspace are properly sealed as well. The plastic is pulled up along the walls and secured with concrete “smacks” or other anchors. Please see the third video for further explanation of the sealing process. Haven’t watched Crawlspace Radon Mitigation Video #1 yet? You can view it here.

Crawlspaces or Crawl Spaces, (no matter how you spell it),  can be very difficult areas the prep for Radon Mitigation.

Homes and Businesses in Madison, Wisconsin Dells, Janesville, Beaver Dam, and across all of Southern Wisconsin have very different crawl spaces requiring different a preparation and installation process.

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