Is this a Certified Radon Contractor?

Wisconsin Does NOT require a contractor is certified to install radon systems. Many are not. Don’t be fooled by the person who says, I’ve been doing it for 10 years,” when you ask if he/she is certified.

Be Weary Of Quick Estimates

Every house can be different. Be careful of a website that boasts a set price per installation. If speaking to a contractor ask if it’s an ESTIMATE or a QUOTE. Get it in writing. An experienced contractor can give and accurate quote in about 10 minutes over the phone if the correct clarifying questions are asked. They should be comfortable answering questions.

DOES THE QUOTE INCLUDE CODE COMPLIANT ELECTRICAL WORK? Some Radon companies don’t include electrical (or tell you unless you ask) and you will need to hire an electrician once they are done. This could cost a few hundred extra dollars from that original bid.

Where Should The System Go?

radon system errors

A good combination of functionality and cosmetics is important. Most Radon contractors are not certified/licensed in electrical and will direct where the system is placed based on existing outdoor outlets or install systems with little electrical code knowledge (i.e. passing extension cords through exterior walls, not installing disconnects to service Radon fans and improper waterproofing of outdoor components – SEE WALL OF SHAME).

Where Is The Contractor Located?​

Some may advertise they are, “in your area” but are using creative marketing to get your business. Ask questions. These become important if there are any follow up trips necessary. What if the fan goes out in a year? Where will they be coming from to replace it? Many of the common Radon fan manufacturers contain 1-5 year warranties. If the contractor is driving from Milwaukee to Madison it could become an issue.

What Are You Paying For?

A contractor should be able to explain the Radon System Components to you ie: make and model of the Radon fans being used (to include energy consumption, (yearly / monthly) wattage etc, what size and schedule of PVC pipe being used, the type of system indoor/outdoor – Active Soil Depressurization and how it works. What happens to the
system in cold weather? Is there a trip charge within five years of the fan going out? Is there a warranty/guarantee included? Does it transfer between owners?

Final Check

Check their website. Does it look professional? Are there reviews? Facebook and Google can offer good checkpoints for reviews. Read at least 10-15 reviews, a pattern should develop. A contractor should be personable and professional and not pressure you into setting a date for installation. DON’T FEEL RUSHED OR PRESSURED. CALL WISCONSIN RADON SERVICES AT (608) 279-7853 FOR MORE INFORMATION

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