This is one of of the Radon Systems I have fixed recently.  The homeowner hired a radon contractor who is STILL IN BUSINESS.  He cuts corners by doing his own electrical, he has no electrical license AND claims to be a Certified Radon Contractor.

He offered her a lowball price and she got what she paid for.
See pictures and captions below.

The riser stack does not extend 1′ over the roofline

The grey tubing that goes into the top of the plastic piece (LB) does not have a proper weather proof connection…its just pushed into the top of the plastic piece) …. the LB and tubing has a 70 ft extension cord run from an outlet inside the house straight up into the fan (needs to be approved wiring method and wire) Must be an Electrical Disconect Outside the home to Service the Fan (typically a switch or a weatherproof receptacle with weatherproof housing)

Other end of the gray (Liquid Tight) tubing needs an approved outdoor connector they just pushed it loosely into the fan housing. Neither end is water proof. (A child could easily pull this apart and risk getting shocked)

Shows the extension cord coming from basement into fan. Also note how it’s just pushed into the fan loosely.

This is supposed to be a SEALABLE SUMP COVER???The Radon contractor, who is still in business and claims to be licensed, installed it this way.Would you call this a professional installation? They squirted a bunch of spray foam into the opening of a non sealable sump cover. There is also no window for the homeowner to check on the sump crock to see if its holding water (there is no sump pump). The homeowner was shocked to find about 5 gallons water had accumulated and was just below her drain tile.

this piece of pipe was not glued and fell apart when we attempted to secure it to the floor joists.The manometer was not installed correctly and does not have a ” drip loop” to prevent condensation from building up in the manometer.

close up of faulty manometer

This is a picture of the small hole that was drilled into the side of the house for the extension cord to enter the pvc LB fitting (made for 1/2″ pvc). It was too small to properly seat the pvc LB and was not keeping water from getting into the siding.

Riser Stack does not extend 1′ over the rain gutter/eve to exhaust concentrated gas away from openings. Note how the fan is pushing against the gas line. Would you consider this a professional installation?

Inadequate Support see the J Hook tied shut with a bungee strap? Also not the “cocked” angle of the fan due to it pressing on the gas line.

The connection going into the fan is not approved for outdoor use (not weather proof).You can see the holes going through it into the non metallic raceway (Liquid Tight).Its also not the correct fitting for Liquid Tight).

This shows a weather proof box made for pvc pipe.They jammed the Liquid Tight into the pvc box (no fitting). A child could come and pull the tubing out of the pvc box and expose the wires (shock hazard). The race way is also not supported.

They converted a plastic outlet guard into a switch guard.The live screw terminals are exposed a small finger….or water could easily get inside.

A close pic of the use of bungee cord in conjunction with the J Hook