Possible Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Possible Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution can be a big problem in your home. It has bad effects on your health and that’s why it’s important to take care of it immediately. Many things could cause indoor air pollution, so it’s good to know what the possible causes may be so you have an idea of where to look!

What is indoor air pollution?
Indoor air pollution is when harmful toxins that build up in your home. They can cause health problems over time and can come from everyday things in your home. It affects your health by causing breathing problems, eye problems, poisonings, and even cancer. 

What are some of the possible sources of air pollution?
There are many different causes of indoor air pollution, but some of the common and looked over causes can be radon, carpets, dryer sheets, paint, and cleaning products. Radon is probably one of the most common causes of indoor air pollution, and it comes naturally from the soil and rocks under your home. It happens everywhere, but the problem is when it gets trapped in your home due to poor ventilation and the build of your home. It’s important to have a certified radon inspector come to your home to check your levels and help you get rid of any problems occurring to cause this, 
Another cause can be your carpets. When someone gets a new carpet, there can be a large release of fumes from being in the factory, and it can cause dizziness, headaches, and irritated eyes. To help with this problem, it’s important to air out your home using your windows and replace your air filter once needed. If you’re sensitive to these fumes, it may be a good idea to head out for a while, while your home is airing out. 

Dryer sheets can be another common cause of indoor air pollution. When you run your clothes through the dryer with a dryer sheet, the chemicals are then melted onto your clothes to give them a soft feeling and a nice smell. The better option is to either go with an alternative such as a cotton/wool dyer ball and essential oils, or no dryer sheets at all. 

Older homes may have their walls coated with paint that contains lead, which can also cause indoor air pollution. When the paint chips, the particles can spread throughout the air and be breathed in. If you have a home with paint that may contain lead, it’s important to contact a professional to check this and see what the best option would be to take care of this. 
The other cause we stated was cleaning products, which can release harmful toxins into the air. A good way to take care of this is to buy all-natural cleaning products or even make your own. 

Built-up air pollution can be very harmful to your overall health and can be found in the most common everyday objects, so it’s important to take precautions and do what you can to check and prevent this.