Check out some of the DIY installation mistakes we’ve seen.

Don’t mess around trying to do it yourself.

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Radon outdoor outlet with fittings that are not waterproof.
Improperly installed radon mitigation system
Electrical Disconnect is not GFCI protected to protect against shock hazard in garage.
Wrong thickness PVC pipe and fittings used in radon system.
Chiseled through the outside wall causing unnecessary damage to the concrete foundation
Inadequate pipe slope caused water/condensate to fill pipe
PVC pipe being partially buried in the ground
Radon system filling full of water to fail.
Pipe slope being reversed which resulted in the radon system filling full of water to fail
non water proof fittings on an outside system
indoor wire through the conduit to the fan outdoor
wrong size PVC pipe is too small for proper exhaust
fan mounted unbalanced on the siding
 waterproof disconnect that was not properly installed 2
riser stack or exhaust pipe from the radon fan
flexible conduit raceway is shoved into a box 2
flexible conduit raceway is shoved into a box